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What Is Exempt From An Epc?

Do you want to find out if your property is exempt from the SAP EPC survey? We have found answers below to help you understand what is the SAP EPC register and which buildings are exempt.

What Is The Commercial Epc Register

Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate abbreviated as NDEPC and Recommendation Report abbreviated, as RR is necessary for all non-domestic commercial buildings on construction, sale, and rent from Oct 1, 2008.

Through this information, the owners and buyers would have an idea on how to make they’re building more energy efficient. It would also be possible for the buyers and tenants to compare the EPC ratings of different buildings.

Energy Performance Certificate is necessary for any building. It provides information on the ways to improve it.

An Energy Performance Certificate is required for properties when constructed, sold or let. The Energy Performance Certificate provides details on the energy performance of the property and what you can do to improve it. Follow the links:



When Do I Need A EPC Assessor

When an agent involves in the process of selling or renting out a building, they should include the energy performance indicator from EPC. It is vital whether for the commercial or the media or marketing materials, which are produced for that particular building.

Is It A Legal Requirement To Have An EPC?

When a building has to rent out or whether it is on sale, it is the responsibility of the building owner to get the EPC.

The buildings, which are newly constructed, the builder should provide EPC to the person who commissioned the construction. It is important to provide it within 5 days of the completion.

It is important to obtain EPC before selling or renting the building. An EPC must be obtained before a building is marketed for sale or rent.

The district councils and Department of Finance (DoF) enforce the requirement, which is necessary for EPC regulations.

Not following the relevant requirements and regulations can result in the penalty charge.

Can A Property Be Marketed Without An EPC?

The property owner selling or renting out the property directly without involving the third parties has the responsibility of including the indicator for such kind of material. Property websites, brochures, etc. are part of commercial media. Advertising boards outside the property do not fall under the category of commercial media.
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What Is Exempt From An EPC?

Domestic property:

There is no need for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the following cases:

  • When a building is listed or officially protected and it is important that the Minimum Energy Standards would unacceptably alter it, however, at this point it is important to note that the building in this scenario is not exempt from EPC.
  • When it is a holiday accommodation, which is rented out for less than 4 months of a year. It is also possible that it is let under a license for occupying.
  • When it is an individual self-contained unit and the intention is to use it less than 4 months a year.
  • When the building is due to be demolished.

Non-domestic property:

There is no need of EPC in the following cases:

  • When a building is listed or officially protected and it is important that the Minimum Energy Standards would unacceptably alter it, however, at this point it is important to note that the building in this scenario is not exempt from EPC.
  • When it is a temporary building, which is to be used 2 years or less
  • When it is used as a place or worship or for any other religious purposes
  • When it is an industrial site, a workshop or a non-residential agriculture building and it does not use much of the energy
  • When it is a detached building and the total floor space is less than 50 square meters
  • When it is due to be demolished by the property owner or seller and has all the conservation and planning consents
  • When it is a vacant possession and it is due to be sold or rented out
  • When it is possible to redevelop the site and it is suitable for demolition
  • When there is a planning permission by buyer or tenant for demolishing it

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What Does An EPC Certificate Cost?

An EPC has no fixed fee. There are different factors, which are important to consider the property an individual lives in and the number of bedrooms. The area in which an individual resides can also affect the price accordingly.

The starting price for EPC is usually £35 however; the price also depends on the area as well.


How Do I Work Out EPC Rating Calculation?

In order to work out the EPC rating calculation, consider the following:

  • Living space size
  • House construction type
  • Insulation of any kind
  • Lighting
  • Heating controls and system

EPC rating range from A to G where A is “Very Efficient” and G is “Not Very Efficient.” Basically, an Energy Performance Certificate is an indicator of how bad or how good the energy efficiency of a particular building or property is.

In order to assess the ratings, the assessor considers every room in the property. He considers the light fittings, including the number of low energy light bulbs. EPC survey considers only the fixed fittings.

The assessor carries out a head and shoulder inspection of your loft space if this is possible. This is to check how much loft insulation is present and where it is located, either laid on the joists or affixed to the rafters.

The assessor also makes a visual inspection of the windows. He checks for the single, double, triple, and the secondary glazing. In the case of double-glazing, the assessor has to make sure whether the installation was before or after 2002.

The heating system plays a significant role in the calculation of EPC ratings. The assessor makes the calculations considering the various aspects. If you have one or more room thermostats, he also notes this, as well as any thermostatic radiator valves fitted in your house. If you have one or more boilers, it is useful to have the handbook for that particular model to hand for the assessor. The assessor takes note of the time and heat controls. He also records any other form of heating such as coal, log, or gas coal-effect fire.



Calculate online with this free epc generator.


Is your property exempt from EPC? If it is not, then the link below will connect you with the EPC register.

When displaying property in the market, it is wise to obtain the EPC. A property owner who wants to rent out the property also needs an EPC. Similarly, a homeowner interested in fitting the Solar Panels to the building would also need an EPC.

The Data Protection Act provides information about the Domestic Energy Assessors only when the individual consents for these details to be used in the register. When accredited, the details are added to the register. In order to find an assessor, the following link can be useful:

Follow this link to find an assessor

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